Saturday, December 31, 2011

College all-star schedule: NO CACTUS BOWL?

The regular season may be ending soon, but as we fans of the Rams have learned all too well in recent years, missing out on the playoffs doesn't mean there isn't meaningful football to watch. I speak of course of the college all-star games, which I'll do as much as humanly possible again to cover this year.

* The East-West Shrine Game will kick things off. NFL Network will have it at 3 Central on January 21st.

* The Senior Bowl is the following Sunday, January 28th at 3 Central. I expect NFL Network will again broadcast coverage of most of the practices leading up to the game.

* There's something called the Casino del Sol All-Star Game January 16th in Tucson. Only way to see it besides being there, though, is to have Fox Sports Arizona.

* Tragically, the Cactus Bowl is NOT BEING HELD in 2012 due to lack of sponsorship. Dammit, my favorite college all-star game going down the tubes?

* The Texas vs. the Nation game is also not being held in 2012 because the HIGH SCHOOL that hosts the event is having its practice fields and stadium re-done.

You know, it's bugged me a little that St. Louis has never stepped up over the years to host one of the 90 college bowl games. Not even an effort to host one of those, or one of these orphaned all-star games, or even to make up your own? With Mizzou in the SEC now, how about an annual SEC vs. Big 10 (or 12) all-star game? Or SEC West vs. SEC East, which would probably be better anyway? Do I have to think of everything?

* The NFL Combine opens February 23rd; I assume televised workouts would begin on Saturday the 25th.

* Also, everyone's homework Monday night is to watch ESPN starting around 7:30 Central for the Fiesta Bowl. Possible future Ram Justin Blackmon vs. possible future Ram Andrew Luck.


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