Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wide receiver: resume the chaos

Jim Thomas has just tweeted that the Rams have re-signed Mark Clayton.

Talk about a last-second curveball. Initial thoughts, since that's all I have time for:
- Danario Alexander is either doomed or they're going to find a way to stash him on IR. How many injured WRs do you want to keep on your active roster, anyway? Clayton recovering, but not chronically injured > DX's recurring knee problem.
- Chances just shot up that the Rams might try to move Austin Pettis to the practice squad.
- Mardy Gilyard and Dominique Curry should have a fierce battle on special teams tomorrow night.

The Rams have to cut a player to bring Clayton back but Thomas hasn't reported that move yet. I doubt it will be a wide receiver; most of the other positions have a player or two that could be cut without interfering with tomorrow night's game plan much.


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