Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rams report, 8/13

The following are expected to miss tonight's game:
- Donnie Avery (knee)
- Mikail Baker (hamstring)
- Ron Bartell (thigh)
- Jermelle Cudjo (back)
- Mardy Gilyard (migraines)
- James Hall (hip)
- Al Harris (knee)
- Michael Hoomanawanui (concussion)
- Marquis Johnson (knee)
- Jerome Murphy (ankle). Well, duh.
- Greg Salas (hamstring)

And for the Colts, obviously, Peyton Manning (neck).

Justin Bannan (triceps) and Fendi Onobun (groin) sound like game-time decisions.
Camp reports say Hoomanawanui is running again, so let's hope he's close to returning.
I'm very discouraged that Gilyard is missing camp time lately, and now a game. Shuffle him down to the bottom of the WR pack. Sure would like to see Salas' butt back in action, too.

Sam Bradford will get 12-15 snaps. Steven Jackson will see very limited action, if any. Josh Hull will start at MLB for Laurinaitis. With half the depth chart gone in the secondary, expect to see a lot of Dionte Dinkins tonight. Hell, he's probably the starting nickel back. Bradley Fletcher and Justin King should start, but I'd hate to overwork Fletcher, and given his injury history, odds are King won't make it through the game. We should also see a lot of Jeremy McGee, if the Rams still have him, that is. I don't think he's ever been put on the roster on the website. Jonathan Nelson and Tim Atchison could get some corner work, too, though they're both listed as safeties. Hell, some of the wide receivers should think about switching to the other side of the ball.

Even though the Rams are facing Curtis Painter, I guess the first thing not to get worked up about tonight is if they give up a ton of yards through the air. The secondary's going to be filled with guys who aren't going to make this team for at least three quarters.


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