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Rams to interview Rob Ryan

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The Rams interview Rob Ryan today for their open defensive coordinator position. He's the first reported candidate the Rams have talked to. Ryan has been DC for the Raiders, Browns and Cowboys, where he spent the last two seasons before being fired a couple of weeks ago. He was the linebackers coach on the Patriots team that won Super Bowl XXXVI, the last time he was in a postseason game as a coach.

Rob Ryan DC resume
2012 - Dallas: allowed 400 points (24th in NFL), 355.4 ypg (19th), 125.2 rush ypg (22nd), 230.2 pass ypg (19th), 34 sacks (20th), 14 forced fumbles (17th), 9 recovered (19th), 7 interceptions (31st), 3 defensive TDs, 40% 3rd down conversion rate (23rd). Injuries to Sean Lee and Demarcus Ware are very likely factors in this year's dropoff.
2011 – Dallas: 347 points (16th), 343.2 ypg (14th), 99.1 rush ypg (7th), 244.1 pass ypg (23rd), 42 sacks (7th), 13 forced fumbles (16th), 9 recovered (18th), 15 interceptions (17th), 1 defensive TD, 40% on 3rd down (22nd)
2010 – Cleveland: 332 points (13th), 350.1 ypg (22nd), 129.4 rush ypg (27th), 220.7 pass ypg (18th), 29 sacks (25th), 9 forced fumbles (31st), 9 recovered (20th), 19 INTs (8th), 3 defensive TDs, 43% on 3rd down (28th). Browns improved in many areas; this was Joe Haden's rookie year. They lost Kamerion Wimbley in free agency and tried to replace him with Matt Roth, which flopped.
2009 – Cleveland: 375 points (21st), 389.3 ypg (31st), 144.6 rush ypg (28th), 244.7 pass ypg (29th), 40 sacks (8th), 11 forced fumbles (29th), 9 recovered (25th), 10 INTs (29th), 0 defensive TDs, 39% on 3rd down (18th)
2008 – Oakland: 388 points (24th), 360.9 ypg (27th), 159.7 rush ypg (31st), 201.2 pass ypg (10th), 32 sacks (13th), 15 forced fumbles (14th), 8 recovered (20th), 16 INTs (10th), 0 defensive TDs, 44% on 3rd down (27th)
2007 – Oakland: 398 points (26th), 341.6 ypg (22nd), 145.9 rush ypg (31st), 195.8 pass ypg (8th), 27 sacks (28th), 13 forced fumbles (25th), 8 recovered (27th), 18 INTs (10th), 2 defensive TDs, 39% on 3rd down (13th)
2006 – Oakland: 332 points (17th), 284.8 ypg (3rd), 134 rush ypg (25th), 150.8 pass ypg (1st), 34 sacks (19th), 16 forced fumbles (27th), 5 recovered (31st), 18 INTs (10th), 4 defensive TDs. Nnamdi Asomugha's 8 INTs a big help here, as he blossomed into a star CB.
2005 – Oakland: 383 points (25th), 330.8 ypg (27th), 128.1 rush ypg (25th), 202.7 pass ypg (18th), 36 sacks (18th), 22 forced fumbles (23rd), 14 recovered (8th), 5 INTs (32nd), 0 defensive TDs, 41% on 3rd down (26th), 36% on 3rd down (7th)
2004 – Oakland: 442 points (31st), 371 ypg (30th), 125.8 rush yds (22nd), 245.2 pass ypg (30th), 25 sacks (31st), 14 forced fumbles (32nd), 9 recovered (25th), 9 INTs (29th), 1 defensive TD, 47% on 3rd down (32nd)

Well, I've done a lot of due diligence here, and I honestly don't see what all the fuss is over Rob Ryan. His defenses give up a lot of yards and a lot of points. He's never developed a defense that doesn't get run over on the ground; inheriting Dallas' #12 run D of 2010 doesn't count for much here. Despite the Ryan family reputation, his defenses have been poor in getting after the QB, and miserable at forcing turnovers. And look how repeatedly mediocre his teams finish at 3rd-down percentage. That's typically a stat the coach is held directly responsible for. In addition, Ryan was a 3-4 coach all 9 of these seasons, so he hasn't even run the Rams' base defense in a decade.

If not for the Jeff Fisher Friends and Family program, the family name, the bombast and the ridiculous mane of hair, Rob Ryan wouldn't be getting a second look from anyone in the NFL right now. (Is anyone besides the Rams even interested in him?) The Rams would take big steps backwards the moment he grabs a pair of headphones on the sidelines. He has nothing but a proven record of mediocrity, and that's being generous, and he has no experience coaching the Rams' system. The Rams would have been clearly better off keeping Blake Williams.

A resounding thumbs down to the idea of hiring Rob Ryan.


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