Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spend the money right

In light of the Rams jacking the price of my tickets a whopping 18% this season, or $200, I can't exactly say I was thrilled to see the NFL is now handing the Rams a cool $5 million. Nor can I say I'm totally thrilled to see that Georgia Frontiere is using a big chunk of it to buy a new house. Yeah, that's where I was hoping my ticket increase would go: guest bathroom hand towels.Anyways, Georgia, you've still got $4,125,000 left, and the team's a country mile under the salary cap, so before you blow the rest on healing crystals and garden gnomes, I've got a couple of requests:

* Extend Marc Bulger's contract.

* Extend Steven Jackson's contract.

Bulger, in the last year of his current contract, has repeatedly proven that he is in the top echelon of NFL QBs. There's no excuse not to have a new contract done with him by the time training camp opens. Jackson is a little trickier; there's two years left on his contract, so he may not want to spoil his negotiating leverage by extending his contract before the "market" gets a year or two to set a price. But with all the available cap space, and Jackson's status as the future of the franchise and one of the league's top 3 RBs, there's no excuse on or off the field not to try.

Get your backfield locked up for the next five years, Georgia, then you can feel free to buy all the lawn ornaments you want.

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