Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Schedule / overall prospects?

I will call 9-7 a successful season for Scott Linehan this season. How do I get there?

I don't like their chances @Dall, @Balt, or @Cin.

I like their chances vs. TB, Cleve, Atl, GB.

I hope for 3-3 in the division, which would be an improvement over the last two years. Linehan has to have this team playing better against NFC West opponents.

I'm leery about the Car. and Pitt. home games, and the NO road game, but they're winnable. (GB is the Rams' only home opponent that was over .500 on the road last year, while the Saints were 4-4 in the formerly-hot-and-stinking Superdome). I'd happily take two wins out of those three. They've certainly got shots @SF and @Arz, too, though I'm not counting on those. If everything comes together, you don't even have to stretch your imagination very far to see them at 12-4. Likewise, 6-10 isn't too hard to see if everything falls apart.

A lot is going to hinge on how well they do in the division. 4-2, they're a playoff contender. 2-4, they're staying home.

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