Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rams need a punter

Maybe the Rams should have franchised Donnie Jones. He has gone to the Houston Texans, who have signed him to a two-year deal. I don't believe the Rams have any punter under contract at the moment. It should also be mentioned that Jones had been the Rams' holder on placekicks. So great, another reason for Josh Brown to screw up.

If you've been following along with the free agent madness on this blog, you already know there isn't a hell of a lot left at punter for the Rams to fall back on. Mat McBriar and Daniel Sepulveda have serious injury considerations. Matt Turk can't kick his age. Brad Maynard and Jason Baker aren't even top 32 punters in a league of 32 teams.

The Rams options appear to be: 1-Dave Zastudil; 2-blow a precious draft pick on a punter when there are so many other roster holes to fill; 3-hope to get lucky on a street free agent after the draft; 4-tell Josh Brown to get his leg really, really loose for next season.

Donnie wasn't great for the Rams last year, but this really sucks. The Rams should have just re-signed him given the available alternatives. Now they have a major hole on special teams to go along with all their other problems.


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