Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rams 3/1 update: Kroenke rejects dome plan

* In a move that surprises absolutely no one, Stan Kroenke has rejected the Convention and Visitors Commission's proposal to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome, per the terms of the current lease. He will now have until May 1st to submit a counterproposal. The CVC will more than likely reject that, sending the whole process to arbitration June 15. Also surprising absolutely no one, mum's the word from the Rams.

* Kroenke is also one of seven bidders left now for the Los Angeles Dodgers, as reported by the Associated Press. The bidding process has entered the stage where Major League Baseball is going to approve the remaining bidders, and seller Frank McCourt can choose from MLB's approved list. Disposition of the parking lots remains a sticking point; McCourt wants to retain ownership. The price tag of the Dodgers is rumored to be in the $1.5-2 billion range.

So, anyway, repeating my previous concerns:
- Kroenke's still apparently serious about this;
- It's not just about owning a baseball team, because the Cardinals and Cubs have both been sold since Kroenke began acquiring sports franchises. The Astros were just sold this past year, and I'm sure they cost nowhere close to $2 billion. I believe the Reds were also sold not that long ago.
- Kroenke gets the Dodgers, the Rams will follow right behind him to Chavez Ravine.

* From the Combine over the weekend, ESPN breathlessly reported that the Rams have "decided" to trade away the #2 overall pick in the draft. I mention this at this late date just to make fun of Adam Schefter, who was also surprised this weekend to hear that the Pope is Catholic, and caught off guard upon finding out that bears poop in the woods.

* Ex-Rams watch: His name probably passing this corner of cyberspace for the last time, Steve Loney has gotten a job with the Buccaneers as assistant offensive line coach. Yeah, not a lot of demand out there for him as the main o-line coach, I guess. Betting Tampa opponents to cover all season just became an attractive proposition, too.


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