Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rams' 2012 draft picks

With the announcement of compensatory draft picks yesterday, the order for the 2012 draft is now official. Here is the Rams' current allotment of picks:

Round        Overall pick
1                 6 (from Washington)
2                 33 (first pick of round)
2                 39 (from Washington)
3                 65
4                 96 (first pick of round)
6                 171 (first pick of round)
7                 209
7                 252 (compensatory)

252 was awarded to the Rams yesterday as a compensatory pick. Compensatory picks cannot be traded. It is also the first-to-last pick of the draft, so the Rams are getting Mr. Less-Than-Irrelevant. I believe that's where they got Josh Hull a couple of years ago.

The Rams blew their fifth round pick, #137 overall, by trading it for Brandon Lloyd last season, so Denver has it now. So courtesy of Billy Devaney, Les Snead and company start the 2012 draft with one pick blown already.


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