Monday, April 7, 2008

NFL throws back Rams' throwback request

One thing Rams fans have been looking forward to, probably ever since the Rams switched to the current "millennium blue" and "new century gold" uniforms prior to the 2000 season, is a throwback uniform day where we get to see the team in the old blue and gold (er, yellow), or even cooler, the old blue and white of the Fearsome Foursome days. Chip Rosenbloom recently made a request to the league for a throwback game with the old blue and gold, as a tribute to his mother Georgia Frontiere.

The NFL smacked the request down. No matter what the reason, apparently, a YEAR of lead time is required to allow a team to have a throwback uniform game.

Which leads me to several questions.

1 - is this why the Rams never play on Thanksgiving, when everyone wears throwback uniforms? (Though I'm not certain on the new, third, night game)

2 - Was a YEAR of lead time really necessary to facilitate this abomination?

3 - Is a year of lead time required to burn the Rams' blue and white alternate pants? 'Cause I've got plenty of lighter fluid...

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