Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on Arizona / Warner / Boldin

Arizona's already becoming an strong favorite to keep the Super Bowl loser jinx going. You know, the one where the team that loses doesn't even make the playoffs the next season. Both offensive and defensive coordinators gone? Possibly followed by Anquan Boldin? Maybe even Kurt Warner? Forget about it. Though rumors are circulating that the Big Dead are going to interview Mike Martz.

Good God. Martz would kill Kurt Warner for sure this time. Retire, Kurt, retire!

When Warner does retire, he seems a good bet to be the one guy who'll actually retire to spend time with his family. He's made plenty of money and won't have to work again after football and he's the very personification of family values. But if he does choose to work again after his playing days, I would love to hear from him in a broadcasting booth. He knows the league, knows the players, breaks down plays as well as anybody in any TV booth right now, and has great positive energy that always sounds good on TV. Kurt didn't even sound that down in the losing locker room after the Super Bowl. I think he'd be ideal for TV. But I doubt he'll ever feel the urge to give it a try.

If Boldin does manage to force the Big Dead into trading him, who else is rooting for him to go to Kansas City and a reunion with sideline shouting match partner/new Chiefs HC Todd Haley? It makes every bit of sense on paper. The Chiefs are $30 million under the cap and badly need a WR to play alongside Dwayne Bowe. From Arizona's standpoint, they'd be trading Boldin outside the conference and should get a -very- good draft pick in return. But I'll predict Boldin ends up in Jacksonville if he gets traded. They're in a similar cap position, and unlike Tennessee and Buffalo, also in that $25-30 million cap neighborhood, they've proven willing to spend big, though BADLY, on the WR position in the past. After Reggie Williams, Jerry Porter, Dennis Northcutt, and Matt Jones have all pretty much come up bust, Jagwire Nation must want to get its WR situation right for once.

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