Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mock draft rundown

The NFL Combine is right around the corner, and that means mock draft season has begun in earnest for 2011. Draft analysts appear pretty split right now about who's going to Carolina with the first pick in the draft - DaQuan Bowers? Nick Fairley? - but they all seem pretty doggone certain who's going to the Rams with pick #14: Alabama wideout Julio Jones.

I'm going to very unscientifically say that 98% of the mock drafts I've seen so far have Julio Jones going to the Rams in the first round. The notable mock drafts right now are the few that don't see it that way. Pro Football Weekly's mock by Nolan Nawrocki has that meddling Pat Shurmur getting Jones at #6, with the Rams taking North Carolina DE Robert Quinn. Mel Kiper's mock last week on had Houston taking Jones at #11 and the Rams going with Illinois DT Corey Liuget. (Eh? There's at least a half-dozen guys in the 2nd half of Kiper's mock I'd take before Liuget.) At, like many others, Scott Wright has the Rams taking Jones. John Crist's 3-round mock just up at has the Rams going with Jones in the 1st, Pitt DE Jabaal Sheard in the 2nd and Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray in the 3rd. The upcoming Combine will no doubt have major impact on everyone's draft projections; RamView will try do a better job staying on top of that than was done with the Senior Bowl. (Still stuck at halftime.)

I'll dress this post up with pics and links once I get on a computer that freaking allows me to right-click in Internet Explorer. Any ideas why the BLUE HELL I can't do one of the most basic actions on a new system with the newest operating system and most up-to-date browser out there are welcomed.


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