Friday, February 18, 2011

Atogwe released, talking with Redskins

The Rams are going to release their starting free safety and best defensive turnover creator, Oshiomogho Atogwe. Atogwe would have been due an $8 million roster bonus on Monday. I don't believe there was any effort to renegotiate Atogwe's contract, which was probably sensible on both sides, given the absence of a labor agreement.

I'm going to whistle past the graveyard here and say this doesn't rule out Atogwe returning to the Rams at all. Once everybody knows what the labor rules are, there should still be a good chance a fair agreement can be reached. (crosses fingers, rubs lucky rabbit's foot, throws pinch of salt over shoulder)


Update: a worrisome sign that the Rams may have goofed here: Atogwe's already going to Washington today (2/21) to talk with the Redskins. He's obviously already played for their DC, Jim Haslett. The Redskins have a major hole at free safety. The Buffalo Bills are also said to be interested in Atogwe.


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