Friday, February 24, 2012


Oh, fuck. Claiming his hamstring is "a little tender," Justin Blackmon has decided not to run at the NFL Combine this weekend, hoping to be ready to run at Oklahoma State's pro day March 7th.

So we're never really going to know how fast the guy runs the 40. Conditions will probably be faster at OSU than in Lucas Oil Stadium, but by how much?

Is this Michael Crabtree all over again, except he needed surgery? Undersized, just-average speed if that, too injured to run for anybody, racked up a lot of catches in a gimmicky Big 12 spread offense?

Complain that I'm obsessing about the stopwatch a little too much, but would you really want to spend the second pick in the draft on a WR who measured in today at 6 feet even and can't crack 4.6?

Start studying Matt Kalil, folks. Also, Morris Claiborne. And Trent Richardson. Les Snead's being presented as an expert in this area because he helped draft Julio Jones last year.

Julio Jones is 6'3" and ran a 4.39.


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