Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rams' renovations go beyond the playing field

By the time the 2009 season starts, the Rams organization will have been remade almost from top to bottom. We know that ownership changed, and is likely to change again before too long. We know the front office was shaken up. We know the coaching staff was almost entirely cleaned out. And the roster has been greatly changed, with the Rams slated to field a significantly younger team than in recent years.

But the rebuild didn't stop there. I thought I'd link to this piece on the renovations going on at the Dome. It's a month-old article, but with many details about the Dome renovation I'm seeing for the first time anywhere. It's got me more than a little curious and enthused to get in there and see how the place looks. I'm especially looking forward to the new scoreboards, and did they say they were going to cut back on the number of commercials?

As for the cushy new seats between the 40s, I doubt that means me - though I do sit between the 40s, I'm in the upper deck. That did make me one of the lucky few who got to pay 20% more for said seats in 2008 than I did in 2007, so I'd just like to say I think I and my neighbors have earned cushy seats. Maybe in 2010.

Also, today's Belleville News-Democrat listed a rash of personnel changes the Rams have made in their marketing and public relations departments. (Though they didn't post the article online.) A lot of those changes appear to address the game-day experience. The Rams have really committed to put on a better show in 2009.

To declare a new era of anything is often a cliche, but 2009 marks a new beginning at Rams Park in just about every way. Top to bottom, sideline to sideline, this is a new organization.

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