Saturday, July 26, 2008

Donnie Avery finally signs

News is on the wire that Donnie Avery and his agent have stopped being idiots, and that he signed a 4-year deal during this morning's workouts. He's expected to be in this afternoon's practice.

What made all of this funny was the unabashed hype that came out of Mequon all day yesterday making fellow rookie WR Keenan Burton sound like the next coming of Jerry Rice. Blatant posing by the Rams to hurry Avery's ass along, willingly echoed in every press report I heard and saw from yesterday.

Yeah, I hope Burton is tearing it up, but the amount of excitement over the guy after one practice borders on ridiculous. But if some hype was what was needed to get Avery off his ass, good for the hype. And again, good for Burton.

The other possibility is that Avery's signing was triggered by Philip Merling being signed right in front of him, so they had their "bracket", though by all accounts, the Rams had already made a very fair offer that Avery easily could have agreed to and gotten into camp on time. I don't know if Avery and his agent are lazy, stupid, or both, but he's created a hurdle for himself on the playing field now that he'd better clear with hard work and capable play.

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